How my Car is almost as efficient as a Diesel!

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As an energy conservation expert, I’m always on the lookout on how to use less energy. It is a cultural shift that I’ve created for myself, and those around me. Let me share my most recent example.

I drive an Audi Quattro. I bought the base model because I know a car has no return on investment (ROI). In fact, it costs money to own, and operate a car from day one. The best I can do is to maximize its fuel efficiency so that I’m not spending a lot of time and money at the gas station.

I maximize the fuel efficiency of my car so that it is almost as efficient as a diesel by driving with a light foot on the accelerator. After accelerating to the desired speed, I remove my foot from the pedal, and set it down again. I find when I do this, I do not have to depress the pedal as far down to go the same speed, and hence less gas is used.

I also prefer to coast to a stop sign, or a red light from a distance away, instead of breaking hard, and then accelerating hard. So I get about 740 km/tank on mixed city and highway driving, and about 810 km/tank on highway.

This also affects my maintenance schedule. My car alerts me when I’m supposed to bring it in for a maintenance. It hadn’t come on for a long time, and when it did, it was 10,000 km later than the scheduled 25,000 km check-up. I thought it was defective, but the Audi advisor assured me it works, “It’s the driver that makes the difference. This means you’re a good driver.”

Sometimes, the easiest way to save money on energy is to use it wisely. It just requires a cultural change to make a difference.

Sharolyn Mathieu Vettese


SMV Energy Solutions


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