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The field of energy conservation and greater efficiency grew out of renewable energy, and is becoming main-stream as more people are aware of the economic, social, and environmental costs of energy. Not surprisingly, governments are the ones most interested because they are the ones left paying the cost of the environmental clean-ups, and rising health care costs. And, these factors affect the economic costs. They all go together.

Businesses are also looking at a comprehensive view of their risk exposure due to shareholders’ demands. These trends will are here to stay.

We’ve seen so many rapid changes in the last ten years that it is difficult to appreciate the revolution that has taken place. Remember using incandescent lightbulbs in 2003 dating from Edison? Now, we’re using LED lights but in between that there were the compact fluorescent lightbulbs? Ten years is a short period of time for all these major changes.

It’s an exciting time that we’re living now as we’re facing the multiple challenges of extreme weather, governments in debt, the end of cheap oil, and the mass extinction of other life forms on our planet; however, I do have faith in the human spirit.

Right now the world is watching the World Cup Soccer Matches, and I’m watching it, too. I’m not rooting for one particular country’s team. For me, it is opportunities to see the best athletes in the world excel at the game they love when meeting the challenges of their game. They do amazing things. This is what is needed for us to conserve energy and use it more efficiently.

n this blog, I will keep you apprised of the trends, events, and my thoughts of what is happening in the field of energy conservation, and greater efficiency in small and big ways. We offer new ways to make you energy efficient.

Sharolyn Mathieu Vettese



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