Climate Change Coach

Are you a CEO, President, or corporate director playing catch-up to the sudden interest in climate change, and the impact it is having on the business landscape?  Is your company, and your leadership being questioned by shareholders, pension investors, stock market regulators, and employees about risk mitigation, environmental risk exposure, brand protection, cap and trade, carbon tax, stranded assets, and other climate change related matters? Is climate change a governance issue?  What about gender equality?

Are you aware that the company and also the directors of the board are subject to hefty fines and possible imprisonment for non-compliance in the cap and trade program?   Did you know there are also penalties for administrative offences calculated as a maximum initial base penalty?

Being sustainable and reducing your company’s exposure to climate change does increase profitability, but it requires a long term and holistic approach. Today, climate change related issues have shifted the way business is being conducted as opportunities in the low carbon economy have become apparent to more and more businesses.

But how do you get a handle on these climate change related issues quickly and effectively?  You have already a capable team, but what is missing is an experienced outside point of view that is perceptive and direct to inspire you to inspire your team to see the possibilities that are available by shifting to a low carbon economy—to find what you’re looking for beyond the way it is now. At SMV Energy Solutions we have the experience to help you get into the mindset of profit, people, and planet together – quickly!

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