About Us


SMV Energy Solutions has its roots in renewable energy generation, the leading edge technology that has had a significant impact on how energy is generated, distributed, and used. 

The expertise we’ve gained over the past decade has made us very much aware that our way of life depends on energy, and that about 75% is wasted at a great economic, environmental, and social cost. 

By choosing to use less energy, it is better for ourselves, and the planet. This is achievable by adopting new technology, and practices that have superior results.

At SMV Energy Solutions we have extensive expertise to provide simple, smart solutions that result in a smaller carbon footprint with a better outcome. It means avoiding unnecessary costs to obtain greater overall operating efficiency. Sustainable products life cycle, and end-of-life responsibilities are considered to avoid landfill waste costs. These easily improve the company’s bottom line, and increase shareholder value. 

Executive leadership, climate change risk mitigation, environmental risk exposure, CRS (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiatives, shareholders expectations, stock market regulators’ requirement, brand enhancement, carbon tax, and cap and trade programs are all reasons to act sooner than later.

Being sustainable does increase profitability. It’s been proven.

At SMV Energy Solutions we want to make a difference, and we know how.

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